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May 22, 2012 by yamakashi

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Invitation to Social Funding tour on ESOF 2010 Torino – Our selection Plan A, B, C.

Dear Investors. 

We are the group on Facebook promoting a grass root initiative for ESOF 2010 Torino (Euro Science Open Forum). 

2-7 July 2010 in Torino, Italy

We would like to provide a virtual tour guidance to the Research & Study course on ESOF 2010 Torino, 2-7 July. 2010. 

For this purpose, we would like to solicit the financial support for a research group. Direct investment, Social funding, any support will be welcome and very much appreciated. 

This activity serves for the outreach to our integral R&D Science Communication, STS and Research Policy, regarding the sustainable development and it’s foresight activity, and for publication. We continually serve our research & development on the site.

Financial support needed !! ESOF2010 Sessions Programme – Our selection Plan A, B, C.


ESOF2010 Sessions Programme 

Plan A – Guide “Science Communication” 
Plan B – Itinerary “Science, Technology, Society”
Plan C – Navigator “Research Policy”

Plan A – Guide Science Communication
2. July

3. July
– Advancing science in developing countries
* Biotech, pharma industry and the academic world: why do they need each other and why is this needed for the benefit of society/patients
– Are Science Journalists Too Tame To Be a Watchdog?
* Science Communication Training for Talking and Listening – Introduction

– Making Science Understandable. Learning From Agricultural Extension
– When the final hour comes: end of life care, ethics, costs, and the role of the media
* Role of the scientific communication in the young researchers education and training.

4. July
– Science Education + Scientific Interest = More Scientists. Formula or Nonsense?
* Science Communication Training for Talking and Listening – Writing a press release workshop

– International Research Infrustructures: The future of European Reasearch Area
* Science Communication Training for Talking and Listening – – Being interviewed Workshop
– Addiction treatment – the limits of research findings

5. July 
– Scientific cultures across Europe: similarities and differences
* Support programmes for commercialisation of research results in knowledge based economies – The example of the Innovation Forum International

– Towards the Next Generation Digital Earth: new approaches to the creation and sharing of environmental information

6. July
– Renaissance for Discovery at CERN
– The Electricity Transmission Grid:how to integrate more Renewable Energy Sources

– Tackling social tension through Science communication
– New access to scientific knowledge: sustainable development issues and the need for a new type of metaknowledge

7. July
– Scientists in direct contact with the public in science centres and museums
* Showcase: You can neutralize carbon emissions – make grow microalgae!
– The impact of new technologies on education and learning mecanisms

Plan B – Itinerary Science, Technology, Socity
2. July
3. July
– Sustainable nuclear energy in the 21st century: challenges for the fuel cycle
– Informing and engaging citizens on climate change issues
– Another Eye in the Sky? What kind of security can we expect from the EU’s satellite based Global Monitoring System GMES?

– Why the hell should I become an academic scientist? A debate on visions and realities of careers and lives in science
– Plants for sustainable food supply

4. July
– Session I: Matching food demand and food supply in a changing world – Global and European perspectives Session II: Can science and technology help find sustainable solutions to feed the 9 billion people?
– The role of science and expertise in the environmental disputes

– State of the art nanofood technology: risks and benefits
– Promises of Gender Medicine: Are sex and gender the key to a better health care?
– DNA patenting: truths and fears
* Redefining the Research University – Collaborating over and beyond the walls of tradition

5. July 
– Biodiversity in the developing world
– Science without borders: democratization of society and the development of Science&Technology

– New opportunities in European drug research: the Innovative Medicines Initiative
– The double edged sword of ICT in Energy Consumption
– African Observatory for Sustainable Development: Science in Support to Decision-making for Development Policies & Programs

6. July
– Environmental risks for metals: from structures to artefacts
– Why and how to improve the patient partnership in clinical research
* Identifying Ethical Issues of Emerging ICT Applications

– What are the challenges to a democratic participation in scientific progress?
– GMO testing – a global and scientific challenge
– Climate change prediction models: what’s the point?

7. July
– Fibres from asbestos to carbon nanotubes: science, health and policy making
– The missing mediator: Science debates in a knowledge based society

Plan C – Navigator Research Policy
2. July
3. July
– Scientific Rationality and Policymaking: Making their Marriage work
* Career Programme Opening Session, Keynote talk: “The future of Science and Technology in Europe”
– Nature & Naturejobs guide to career alternatives
* Biotech, pharma industry and the academic world: why do they need each other and why is this needed for the benefit of society/patients

* What’s the impact of the European Charter for Researchers on me? The “HR Strategy for Researchers” as a new tool to improve my working environment.
* The Funding Challenge for European Research Careers
– Evidence-based policy versus policy-biased evidence: EU/US Perspectives
* Good research needs good management – And this can be learned!

4. July
– An ERA of Excellence and Cohesion
– What’s up with peer review – the future of peer review in policy, research and public debates.

– Sustainability: compromises and costs

5. July
– An ERA addressing the “Grand Challenges 
– Who is leading Research Policy?

* Creative Industries from Science to Business!
* Showcase: Collegio Carlo Alberto – Committing to Research in Social Sciences

6. July
* In search of a new model of innovation: the effective network between knowledge, finance and entrepreneurshi

* European Energy Research Alliance – the top of the league in energy research
* National Innovation Policies: A Cross-Country Perspective

7. July
– Anticipatory Governance of Emerging Technologies: Foresight, Engagement and Integration
– Simplifying the EU Framework Programme: Making EU research funding more science friendly

Our voluntary ESOF cybenaute propose you a selection of the sessions for giving us the sight to visit the programme. 

ESOF2010 Sessions Programme – Our selection Plan A, B, C.

And we also propose the discussion board according to those plan A, B, C. Please feel free to discuss together. 

ESOF2010 Sessions Programme Plan A – Guide “Science Communication”

ESOF2010 Sessions Programme Plan B – Itinerary “Science, Technology, Society”

ESOF2010 Sessions Programme Plan C – Navigator “Research Policy”

Here are our propositions with Event data format on Facebook.

3th July Plan A
4th July Plan A
5th July Plan A
6th July Plan A
7th July Plan A

3th July Plan B
4th July Plan B
5th July Plan B
6th July Plan B
7th July Plan B

3th July Plan C
4th July Plan C
5th July Plan C
6th July Plan C
7th July Plan C
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