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November 19, 2012 by yamakashi

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This page contains links to RSS news feeds from the Research Information Centre and the What’s New page. These RSS feeds bring you the latest updates to the Research Information Centre and the latest updates from across the Research & Innovation site without you having to do a thing … once you’ve linked to the feed that is! The feeds complement each other, although some items will appear in both.

To subscribe to them, you can use a News Reader or the “live bookmarks” provided by some browsers. See the instructions below (on the right) or click on a link to get to the news!

Research Information Centre

What’s New on the Research & Innovation site

New Events in the Research & Innovation calendar

Syndicated News – the feed related to the Syndicated News page

How to subscribe to a feed

You can subscribe to an RSS feed in a number of ways, including the following:

Click on the feed link; many browsers then offer the option to subscribe to the feed Drag the URL of the RSS feed into your News Reader Cut and paste the URL of the RSS feed into your News Reader  

There are also categorised RSS feeds for the themes listed below. New feeds are added automatically as necessary, so return to this page from time to time to see what’s been added.

Some items will appear in more than one feed because they relate to, for example, both Health & Life Sciences and the Information Society. The categories used are the same ones you will find in the Information Centre menus.

If you want to get ALL the news in a particular thematic area, just subscribe to a link in bold from the list below, such as Environment orScience & society. These feeds contain all the news from all the subcategories under them … as well as some news that did not fit into any sub-category!

Agriculture & food

Agriculture & food – Agriculture

Agriculture & food – Animal health and welfare

Agriculture & food – Food safety & health risks

Agriculture & food – Forestry

Agriculture & food – Marine resources & aquaculture

Agriculture & food – Other


Countries – Australia

Countries – Austria

Countries – Belgium

Countries – Brazil

Countries – Bulgaria

Countries – Canada

Countries – China

Countries – Croatia

Countries – Cyprus

Countries – Czech Republic

Countries – Denmark

Countries – Estonia

Countries – Finland

Countries – France

Countries – Germany

Countries – Greece

Countries – Iceland

Countries – Ireland

Countries – Israel

Countries – Italy

Countries – Japan

Countries – Kazakhstan

Countries – Lithuania

Countries – Madagascar

Countries – Netherlands

Countries – Norway

Countries – Poland

Countries – Portugal

Countries – Romania

Countries – Russia

Countries – Spain

Countries – Sweden

Countries – Switzerland

Countries – Tunisia

Countries – Turkey

Countries – United Kingdom

Countries – United States


Energy – Fossil fuels

Energy – Nuclear fission

Energy – Nuclear fusion

Energy – Other

Energy – Rational energy use

Energy – Reliability of supply

Energy – Renewable energy sources


Environment – Atmosphere

Environment – Biodiversity

Environment – Clean technology (& recycling)

Environment – Climate & global change

Environment – Cultural heritage

Environment – Earth Observation

Environment – Ecosystems (incl. land, inland waters, marine)

Environment – Health & environment

Environment – Land management

Environment – Natural disasters

Environment – Other

Environment – Urban living


Health & life sciences

Health & life sciences – Allergy & asthma

Health & life sciences – Biotechnology

Health & life sciences – Communicable diseases

Health & life sciences – Drugs & drug processes

Health & life sciences – Genetic engineering

Health & life sciences – Genomics

Health & life sciences – Health & ageing

Health & life sciences – Health & poverty

Health & life sciences – Health & special needs

Health & life sciences – Health systems & management

Health & life sciences – Major diseases

Health & life sciences – Medical research

Health & life sciences – Molecular biology

Health & life sciences – Neuroscience

Health & life sciences – Other

Health & life sciences – Public health

Health & life sciences – Rare & orphan diseases

Hot topics

Hot topics – Avian & pandemic flu

Hot topics – Earthquakes

Hot topics – Floods

Hot topics – Stem cells

Hot topics – Volcanoes

Human resources & mobility

Human resources & mobility – Careers & mobility

Human resources & mobility – Marie Curie Actions

Human resources & mobility – Other

Industrial research

Industrial research – Building & construction

Industrial research – Industrial processes & robotics

Industrial research – Materials & products

Industrial research – Nanotechnology

Industrial research – Other

Industrial research – Standards, measures & testing

Information society

Information society – E-Commerce

Information society – Information technology (IT)

Information society – Internet

Information society – Microelectronics and nanotechnology

Information society – Multimedia

Information society – Telecommunications

International cooperation

News Alerts

Pure sciences

Pure sciences – Astronomy

Pure sciences – Biology

Pure sciences – Chemistry

Pure sciences – Mathematics

Pure sciences – Other

Pure sciences – Physics

Research infrastructures

Research policy

Research Policy – Horizon 2020

Research Policy – Consultation on future EU Research and Innovation Funding

Research policy – Current framework programme

Research policy – Economic development and cohesion

Research policy – European Research Area

Research Policy – FP7

Research policy – Other

Research policy – Past framework programmes

Research policy – Regional dimension of innovation

Research policy – Scientific support to policies

Research policy – Sixth Framework Programme

Science & business

Science & business – Innovation

Science & business – Other

Science & business – SMEs

Science in society

Science in society – Education & popular sciences

Science in society – Ethics

Science in society – Future science & technology

Science in society – Governance

Science in society – Other

Science in society – People in science

Science in society – Public opinion

Science in society – Science communication

Science in society – Science prizes

Science in society – Women & science


Social sciences and humanities


Space – Space exploration

Space – Space hardware

Space – Teledetection

Success stories

Success stories – Agriculture & food

Success stories – Education & popular sciences

Success stories – Energy

Success stories – Environment

Success stories – Health & life sciences

Success stories – Human resources & mobility

Success stories – Industrial research

Success stories – Information society

Success stories – Innovation

Success stories – International cooperation

Success stories – Research infrastructures

Success stories – Science & business

Success stories – Social sciences and humanities

Success stories – Space

Success stories – Transport

Success stories – Women & science

Sustainable Development


Transport – Aeronautics

Transport – Intermodality

Transport – Other

Transport – Rail

Transport – Road

Transport – Water-borne (incl. marine, inland)

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